Radio Valve Testing Service

Avo VCM163We can test almost any kind of radio valve using our AVO VCM163 tester, whether the valve is a low-power device from a radio receiver or a high-power valve from a large audio amplifier or industrial equipment. WE have gone to great efforts to ensure our 163 makes reliable measurements; calibrating valve test meters requires some effort.

We have test data for all makes of valve including Brimar, Marconi, Mazda, Mullard and Phillips as well as several makes from the USA (e.g. RCA) and other countries.

Occasionally, we are asked if there is any way of rejuvenating old valves, but valves which have already been in service for long periods of time have usually undergone changes which cannot be undone.

We are based in North Oxfordshire and also buy and sell radio valves.

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